Dear Fellow Alumni,

We are excited to announce the launch of Kochavei Noam, Yeshivat Noam's new alumni giving circle. Joining together and giving back to our school gives us the opportunity to express our hakarat hatov to our alma mater. Yeshivat Noam is where we started. Yeshivat Noam is the roots to our future accomplishments and successes. We as a group can have a significant impact on providing these same roots to students in our community. We know how much Yeshivat Noam helped build us into who we are today; let's share this feeling with our friends and come together to strengthen our school.

At the school dinner on March 15th, there will be a Scroll of Honor printed with the names of the alumni who have participated in this new initiative. The minimum gift for a listing is $36, but all gifts, no matter how small or large, are impactful and appreciated. Alumni are invited to our dinner at our cost of $100 which includes a Shorashim listing. Participating alumni will receive special Yeshivat Noam swag as an expression of Yeshivat Noam's appreciation.

With thanks,

Debra Paul