As you may be aware, the incidence and severity of food allergies is on the rise among children today. Peanut allergies, especially, can be life threatening. In the past, Yeshivat Noam has dealt with food allergies, and the restrictions necessary to safeguard affected children, on a class by class basis. However, Baruch Hashem our school has grown and due to children in several classes having allergies, we have instituted a school-wide nut policy.

Yeshivat Noam is a nut-controlled environment in all locations. This means that food served to all children is nut-free, and processed on nut-free equipment. Additionally, we are asking parents of all children to refrain from sending in any food with their own children than contains any nuts, even if it is meant to be consumed only by them. Even the smell of nuts can cause allergic reactions in sensitive children and we need to work together to keep all our students healthy. I am enclosing a list of "Do's and Don'ts" to assist you in preparing appropriate snacks and home lunches, as well as foods to send in for sharing opportunities. These are suggestions, and by no means a comprehensive list, so please be sure to read nutrition labels carefully. If a product says "May contain trace nuts" this product may not be sent to school. Products that state, "Processed on equipment that produces nuts", on the label, may be sent in for your child's consumption only, i.e. their own lunch or snack. However, products that state "processed on equipment that produces nuts" MAY NOT be sent in for class occasions, such as parties. If a child brings in a birthday snack for their class that is not suitable, the snack will be confiscated. To prevent this from happening, please refer to the acceptable snacks on the next page. All birthday snacks must be approved by the nurse.  Please inform your child's teacher 3 days prior to the party. Additionally, please reinforce our "no sharing food rule" with your children, especially on the bus.

At this time, our school wide policy is extending only to all nuts. If there are other food allergies associated with a child in your child's class, you will be notified on a class by class basis as it pertains to sharing opportunities (i.e., sesame seeds on a challah for a Shabbat party)

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We look forward to a happy, healthy school year.

Roberta Stoll, RN