Yeshivat Noam is proud to offer a variety of after-school clubs:

After-School Clubs

After School clubs run from 3:30-4:30 for students in grades 1-5. All clubs are ten weeks starting October 9, 2017, except for Choir and Band. Choir is a two six week session, the first session begins November 14 and will end December 19. The second session's dates have not yet been determined. Band is 12 weeks that starts October 9. 


Grade 1-2 Boys- Bergen Broncos* $250 (10 weeks)

Grades 1-5 Girs and Boys- Drama with Black Box Studio $130

All Grades- Band- $50


Grades K-4- Girls and Boys- Yoga $150

Grades 3-5 Boys– DubeZone Coach Matt– Hockey $130

Grades 4-5– Choir – Sponsored by the YNPA


Grade 1-2 Girls: Bergen Broncos* $250 (10 Weeks)

*Enrollment will include a free voucher to a school break day camp ($50). Fee includes Broncos uniform. Bergen Broncos is a premier basketball program which teaches kids of all ages basic fundamental basketballs skills in environment that enriches and enhance each players basketball IQ, skills, confidence and love of the game.Our mission is to develop character, skill, teamwork and sportsmanship in a basketball environment. Bergen Broncos provides kids knowledge of the game of basketball through instruction and techniques designed to improve skills and and enable competition at a high level. Our coaching staff works to develop and nurture self confidence, promote sportsmanship, teach the value of teamwork and strong work ethic all while ensuring respect of teammates and others are at the forefront of what we teach. Players enrolled in the Broncos club at Noam will learn basic fundamentals of the game including dribbling, passing, shooting, defending and preparation with real game situations.